Secondo l’ong inglese, il governo siriano ha giustiziato nella prigione di Saydaya più di 13.000 persone (la maggior parte per impiccagione) negli anni che vanno dal 2011 al 2015. [...]
The EU’s demand for a revision of Turkey’s anti-terrorism law as a precondition for allowing Turks visa-free travel in Europe has turned into the Achilles’ heel of ties between Ank[...]
Europe’s growing Kurdish diaspora would be vastly increased if the crushed and war-suffering masses of Diyarbakir could find their way to Germany, Denmark and Sweden[...]
The EU-Ankara agreement on migration may create a precedent for Libya. Tripoli asks for foreign military intervention and a joint plan on migrants, while Brussels prepares to seal [...]
Le criticità sembrano essere aumentate, anziché diminuite a seguito dell'ufficiale proclamazione del Governo di unità nazionale e la minaccia di sanzioni a chi facesse mancare il s[...]
Since the French proposal does not stipulate sanctions and mandatory steps in case of failure of the negotiations, it means that we will return to the vicious cycle of negotiations[...]
The U.S. and EU ignore violations of civil rights in Saudi Arabia, Iran and China - why should Israel be any different?[...]