Moscow is leveraging Turkish operations against the YPG in Afrin to weaken US influence in Syria and push the Kurds to negotiate with Damascus[...]
Though skeptical of religion, in theory, the left seems much more tolerant of Islam than it has been of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, or any other religion. The left is tolerant[...]
The main problem with Abbas’s speech is that he did not offer a comprehensive vision based on a review of previous experience that ends in proposing a viable alternative, wri[...]
During a week of protests, state institutions, the media and political parties used a variety of techniques to keep the opposition leaderless[...]
Without an agreement on a national program the inter-Palestinian [Fatah/Hamas] split cannot be ended. Without national unity, it is impossible to move forward, either peacefully vi[...]
A survey of the local and international military forces currently deployed in the region provides an idea of how intense the ‘Great Game’ that is unfolding in the regio[...]
They understood that it is wrong to place faith in American promises. They have learned the lessons of what happened in Northern Iraq and to their brothers in Syria, the YPG, whom [...]
  On November 2, 2017, Journal of Palestine Studies Editor and IPS Senior Fellow Rashid Khalidi delivered a lecture on the centenary of the Balfour Declaration at the United N[...]
Ankara’s longstanding alliance with Washington and the West may have entered its terminal phase, says Khurshid Dalli by Khurshid Dalli – al Araby Turkish President Rece[...]
Former UK PM Blair’s admission that it was wrong to boycott Hamas is typical of Western politicians who gain wisdom after they leave office, but Hamas can turn this to its ad[...]