There was nothing surprising about the PA’s announcement that it had restored its relations with Israel using a fatuous excuse about the latter ‘abiding by its agreemen[...]
OPINION. True, we will not lose more if Biden takes office, considering that the ‘deal of the century’ is a Trump project and every president has his own project, but i[...]
If the discourse is changed and the question of Palestine was redefined and historical accuracy re-established, BDS would in fact be seen by everyone as a legitimate, non-violent t[...]
Israel’s bluewashing at this time of crisis serves to project a diplomatic and humanitarian face whilst covering its true nature, its crimes and aggressive policies towards Lebanon[...]
The coup-installed Abdel Fattah al-Sisi made clear that Cairo is ready to intervene in Libya directly, “at the Libyans’ request” (Haftar), after the Egyptian Parliament would give [...]
Israel has deliberately used the LGBTQ community as a tool to “pinkwash” its colonial policies against Palestinians, where is seen as a key for being considered a democratic countr[...]
Fauda, the Netflix series that supposedly shows the reality of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, serves the purpose of dehumanizing and brutalizing them[...]
Cooperation between the UAE and Israeli authorities extends beyond sports, political and security issues in the direction of joint regional intervention, as in the recent announcem[...]
After a year of political deadlock, Netanyahu forms a new governing coalition that prioritizes annexing of the West Bank above all else — including the fight against the coronaviru[...]
Tawfiq Allawi's failure to form a new government is a victory for the youthful protest movement and a condemnation of the failure and incompetence of the Iraqi political system[...]