It was crucial for the AKP, which rules in Ankara, to keep him behind bars while the country was called to vote in the constitutional referendum that gave Erdogan semi-absolute pow[...]
Erdogan has denied that he wants to annex Afrin to Turkey. Those who doubt his intentions may view raising the Turkish flag in the heart of the city as the first step towards its &[...]
Moscow is leveraging Turkish operations against the YPG in Afrin to weaken US influence in Syria and push the Kurds to negotiate with Damascus[...]
Ankara’s longstanding alliance with Washington and the West may have entered its terminal phase, says Khurshid Dalli by Khurshid Dalli – al Araby Turkish President Rece[...]
By entering into an agreement with the Nusra Front in Idlib, Ankara is seeking to interpret the Astana agreement to serve its own war with the Kurds, says Nasser Sharara by Nasser [...]
The arrest of renowned author Asli Erdogan on terrorism charges generates questions about Turkey's arbitrary use of emergency law[...]
The failed coup has also inflicted enormous damage on U.S./Turkish relations, at a time when Turkey and its neighbors are being subjected to extraordinary trials and tribulations b[...]
Turkey supported Salafi factions, whose exact composition and overall aims it did not bother to find out too much about, just because they fought Syrian President Bashar Assad. For[...]
The EU’s demand for a revision of Turkey’s anti-terrorism law as a precondition for allowing Turks visa-free travel in Europe has turned into the Achilles’ heel of ties between Ank[...]
Military and political observers say the Turkish government's failure to recalibrate its policies to better cooperate with the United States, Russia and Iran is undermining Turkey'[...]