Seven years after the outbreak of the Arab Spring everything would suggest that dictatorships have won but this is a simplistic conclusion. The existing dictatorships are in a deep[...]
Hamas-Fatah reconciliation is giving Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi a window of opportunity to rebrand his country’s image which has been tarnished by brutal crackdo[...]
INTERVIEW. “I’m optimistic,” says the famous Egyptian novelist. “Young people created the 2011 revolution, and I am convinced the youth will return to challenge the current r[...]
We do not know in what manner Saudi Arabia – which has thousands of islands in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf whose exact location it does not know – would have been affected had[...]
Al-Sissi sought to deny any disagreement between his country and Saudi Arabia. He accused the media of spoiling the climate between the two countries. But the fire continues to smo[...]
Today leaders of independent trade unions lament their lost agency and worry over forthcoming legislation and the general deterioration of workers’ conditions[...]
The number of participants in the demonstration does not matter. What matters is the renewed willingness of so many Egyptians, regardless of the hundreds of preventive arrests made[...]
The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), Human Rights Watch and EuroMed Droits,, have launched an appeal to the French president that he might consider the question of [...]
The discourse is clear - unemployment is the responsibility of the unemployed, who are lazy and irresponsible - and falls into the trap of classical economic liberalism[...]
The Ministry of Supplies may be involved in a new scandal on bread subsidies, a crucial sector for the country’s stability and among the most corrupted ones in the Egyptian economy[...]