The warm welcome extended to Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman suggests he is Washington’s candidate for Saudi Arabia’s next king, says pan-Arab Raialyoum  Editor[...]
The coming phase will be distinguished by its ambiguity and lack of clear vision. Therefore, it would wiser to wait until the dust settles, or until we can see what that dust conce[...]
As unemployment and poverty rocket in Gaza, mental health issues are becoming more prevalent and manifesting in a horrific way: suicide is on the rise, writes Mohammed Arafat by Mo[...]
The election of Yihya Sinwar as leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip inaugurates a phase in Hamas’s history in which it is likely to be closer to the ‘resistance axis̵[...]
Some Arab States have rushed to accept the idea of an alliance with Israel against Iran even though have set some faint-hearted preconditions to justify such an action, writes the [...]
Morocco is better positioned than ever to protect its interests in Western Sahara after returning to the African Union[...]
The legalisation law overrules the judges, allowing private lands stolen from Palestinians to be laundered as Israeli state property[...]
His 20-minute commercial for Trumpism is likely to be the finest rallying cry the cultists of Isis have received since they started chopping off heads[...]
The war between the armed factions classified as moderate on the one hand, all of which fall under the Turkish umbrella, and the Syrian government on the other may be approaching i[...]
We do not know in what manner Saudi Arabia – which has thousands of islands in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf whose exact location it does not know – would have been affected had[...]