By entering into an agreement with the Nusra Front in Idlib, Ankara is seeking to interpret the Astana agreement to serve its own war with the Kurds, says Nasser Sharara by Nasser [...]
Hamas-Fatah reconciliation is giving Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi a window of opportunity to rebrand his country’s image which has been tarnished by brutal crackdo[...]
While many people believe that it is not unlikely for Trump to take this step, others believe that it is unlikely that Iran has the intention to respond in a strong and escalatory [...]
Local elections in Tunisia: The last hope for real change[...]
Under sane leadership, the US usually managed to broker ceasefires in past Lebanon wars. But the current problem is that the US President is mad. Nikki Haley is thus reduced to usi[...]
Painful questions need to be answered.  Why were they massacred as refugees? Has the world already forgotten? These questions have haunted me and they have yet to receive answers, [...]
Despite its denials, it appears that Washington is preparing for a long-term military presence in Syria, says Mohammad Kharroub by Mohammad Kharroub – al-Ra’ Roma, 28 a[...]
The project of the Gaza's team born with the aim of showing "another Strip", different from the one depicted by mainstream media focused just on tragedy and pain [...]
The web campaign launched by the young Palestinian Mosab Abu Toha has had a huge success: in few days the "Edward Said Public Library" will open in Beit Lahia[...]
July 8th marked the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Ghassan Kanafani. In this essay we look at his life and work, the impact of his writing as a chronicling of the Palesti[...]