Without an agreement on a national program the inter-Palestinian [Fatah/Hamas] split cannot be ended. Without national unity, it is impossible to move forward, either peacefully vi[...]
Giornalista e analista politico, quest'anno esordisce con una raccolta di poesie "di strada", una perfezione estetica che è specchio del rifiuto dell'ingiustizia[...]
E’ fondamentale chiedersi, sia per chi è credente che per chi è laico, al-Aqsa è in pericolo?, scrive il docente israeliano Ilan Pappe di Ilan Pappe* – Electronic Intif[...]
Netanyahu’s recent spin is part of a long history of mobilisation of the Holocaust in order to legitimise settler colonial violence and repression, write scholars Nicola Peru[...]
Mamilla cemetery does not exist anymore. What exists now is a hotel, a school, a parking lot, a public garden, a nightclub and the US consulate. Also a museum to celebrate toleranc[...]
Israel’s escalation in Jerusalem is not crazy, but logical and consistent political behaviour meant to create new facts on the ground. Nassar Ibrahim explores.     [...]
Despite efforts by Israel and Palestinian Authority to ease tensions in Jerusalem, clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli police may turn into a full-fledged uprising. Ahmad[...]
Mass arrests, violent settlers, expulsion, and dispossession: With that as the lot of Jerusalem's Palestinians, no one should have been surprised with Wednesday's terror attack[...]
Israel has used all kinds of methods, ranging from claims of security concerns to legal pretexts such as the absentees property law, to confiscate apartments belonging to Jerusalem[...]
 Zvi Bar’el in Haaretz writes that for the settler movement and its supporters, Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount is just the first act in a larger messianic drama. by[...]