Erdogan has denied that he wants to annex Afrin to Turkey. Those who doubt his intentions may view raising the Turkish flag in the heart of the city as the first step towards its &[...]
They understood that it is wrong to place faith in American promises. They have learned the lessons of what happened in Northern Iraq and to their brothers in Syria, the YPG, whom [...]
By entering into an agreement with the Nusra Front in Idlib, Ankara is seeking to interpret the Astana agreement to serve its own war with the Kurds, says Nasser Sharara by Nasser [...]
Despite its denials, it appears that Washington is preparing for a long-term military presence in Syria, says Mohammad Kharroub by Mohammad Kharroub – al-Ra’ Roma, 28 a[...]
Europe’s growing Kurdish diaspora would be vastly increased if the crushed and war-suffering masses of Diyarbakir could find their way to Germany, Denmark and Sweden[...]
The Syrian government and Russia are moving towards accepting a Kurdish federal region in Syria[...]
Almost the entire campaigning platform of the AKP was based on keeping people’s fears alive, constantly reminding them of “dark old days”. It was not clear to what extend the[...]
In an exclusive interview, the Kurdistan Workers Party’s (PKK) top military commander, Cemil Bayik, says that Turkey has sabotaged the peace process and the PKK is ready to r[...]