Analysis. The Syrian government army taken the Deraa region in the south of the country. President Bashar al-Assad now controls almost all of Syria, from Aleppo to the Jordanian bo[...]
Erdogan has denied that he wants to annex Afrin to Turkey. Those who doubt his intentions may view raising the Turkish flag in the heart of the city as the first step towards its &[...]
A survey of the local and international military forces currently deployed in the region provides an idea of how intense the ‘Great Game’ that is unfolding in the regio[...]
They understood that it is wrong to place faith in American promises. They have learned the lessons of what happened in Northern Iraq and to their brothers in Syria, the YPG, whom [...]
Despite its denials, it appears that Washington is preparing for a long-term military presence in Syria, says Mohammad Kharroub by Mohammad Kharroub – al-Ra’ Roma, 28 a[...]
There are growing signs that, starting with Raqqa, the U.S. is implementing a plan to partition Syria into ‘interim autonomy’ areas for the various religious and ethnic[...]
The coming phase will be distinguished by its ambiguity and lack of clear vision. Therefore, it would wiser to wait until the dust settles, or until we can see what that dust conce[...]
The war between the armed factions classified as moderate on the one hand, all of which fall under the Turkish umbrella, and the Syrian government on the other may be approaching i[...]
Now that Jordan seems convinced that the chances that President Bashar al-Assad will be ousted from power are negligible, its senior decision-makers are reviewing the country’[...]
There is growing talk of the U.S.'s responding to its defeats on the Syrian soil by arming the opposition with shoulder-carried anti-aircraft missiles, in a repetition of the Afgha[...]