If the discourse is changed and the question of Palestine was redefined and historical accuracy re-established, BDS would in fact be seen by everyone as a legitimate, non-violent t[...]
Israel has deliberately used the LGBTQ community as a tool to “pinkwash” its colonial policies against Palestinians, where is seen as a key for being considered a democratic countr[...]
Fauda, the Netflix series that supposedly shows the reality of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, serves the purpose of dehumanizing and brutalizing them[...]
The main problem with Abbas’s speech is that he did not offer a comprehensive vision based on a review of previous experience that ends in proposing a viable alternative, wri[...]
Without an agreement on a national program the inter-Palestinian [Fatah/Hamas] split cannot be ended. Without national unity, it is impossible to move forward, either peacefully vi[...]
  On November 2, 2017, Journal of Palestine Studies Editor and IPS Senior Fellow Rashid Khalidi delivered a lecture on the centenary of the Balfour Declaration at the United N[...]
The project of the Gaza's team born with the aim of showing "another Strip", different from the one depicted by mainstream media focused just on tragedy and pain [...]
The web campaign launched by the young Palestinian Mosab Abu Toha has had a huge success: in few days the "Edward Said Public Library" will open in Beit Lahia[...]
July 8th marked the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Ghassan Kanafani. In this essay we look at his life and work, the impact of his writing as a chronicling of the Palesti[...]
Hamas is turning into a project for an authority.  The aim behind  its new Charter is to rehabilitate it as a replacement for the PA, writes Uraib ar Rintawi by Urayb ar Rintawi &#[...]