The current objective of US policy in Syria: undermine Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s ability to govern the country without physically removing him from office. [...]
A recent article has warned of the US losing the Middle East, reaffirming the embedded colonialism of Western analysis, writes Richard Falk by Richard Falk – Al Ahram Weekly [...]
You can call it a dictatorship, a despotism, a tyranny, a garrison state, unlimited rule, or even a reign of terror carried on by thugs in suits. All of these would be relatively a[...]
These are more than one responsible for the suffering of Yarmouk: Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League, Assad government, the opposition groups, UN. Ad also us.  [...]
After a trip in Iran, the author describes a country very far from the speech that Netanyahu gave to an entrance Republican audience. In the trap, Obama can fall down. by Matthew S[...]
Despite pledges to rebuild the army and the arrival of American trainers, Baghdad government forces lost most of Anbar province in October with bases being besieged and overrun by [...]
The U.S. and EU ignore violations of civil rights in Saudi Arabia, Iran and China - why should Israel be any different?[...]
Several developments on the battlefield led the US to accelerate its steps in this direction. The significance of these developments lies not so much in the nature of the military [...]
Washington and its Arab allies have launched air strikes on IS targets in Syria. But the coalition remains as divided as ever about what to do next. Salah Nasrawi reports.[...]
A deep analysis of the roots of Islamic State, created and founded by Us, Arab regimes and Israel to counter the Iranian influence in the region and the tools that today it can use[...]