Israel’s bluewashing at this time of crisis serves to project a diplomatic and humanitarian face whilst covering its true nature, its crimes and aggressive policies towards Lebanon[...]
Under sane leadership, the US usually managed to broker ceasefires in past Lebanon wars. But the current problem is that the US President is mad. Nikki Haley is thus reduced to usi[...]
Painful questions need to be answered.  Why were they massacred as refugees? Has the world already forgotten? These questions have haunted me and they have yet to receive answers, [...]
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That the U.S. accepts (or has facilitated or suggested or instructed) Lebanese Forces head Samir Geagea to adopt General Michel Aoun’s candidacy is corroborated by the facts, write[...]
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A survey of the current state of the region suggests that this summer will witness a serious escalation on all the major fronts[...]
This is perhaps one of the rare instances when a tactical achievement turns into a strategic burden: only hours after their initial euphoria, Israeli officials became fearful and c[...]