Strong, democratic states are an antidote to ISIS-style extremism. As such, a strong Palestinian state is in the interests of Israel, the United States, and the entire Middle East.[...]
Twenty years of Oslo statehood’s illusion have damaged every single achievement by the Palestinian liberation movement, wasted countless sacrifices, and smoked-screened the very co[...]
Israel has used all kinds of methods, ranging from claims of security concerns to legal pretexts such as the absentees property law, to confiscate apartments belonging to Jerusalem[...]
A deep analysis of the roots of Islamic State, created and founded by Us, Arab regimes and Israel to counter the Iranian influence in the region and the tools that today it can use[...]
Objectives and achievements of Israel and Hamas after 50 days of attack against Gaza Strip. The regional superpower failed in imposing its will, the islamic movement managed to rec[...]
Palestine is likely to prove a new challenge for the court in one significant respect: the court would need to confront not just specific or sporadic acts of violence, but the very[...]
Italy has offered more concrete support for Israel’s latest attack on Gaza than perhaps any other European Union country. Italy is the current holder of the EU’s rotating presidenc[...]
Israeli forces invaded Khuza’a with aerial strikes targeting any moving object. Survivors recall with horror that seemingly heavy random tank fire led to the killing of dozens, inj[...]
Israeli army bombs hospitals in GazaCity. The situation became much worse when Tel Aviv government decided to start the land invasion.[...]
Israel behaves today against Palestinians like the French, British and Italian colonial powers treated Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians, Algerians and Libyans a century ago.[...]