One would expect Turkey and Israel to work hard to overcome their differences as soon as possible. But there is still no clear sign as to when this will actually happen. So what li[...]
The visit of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon this week to Washington and the upcoming visit there of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will both focus on Israeli demands for U[...]
Two weeks into the outbreak of security clashes between Palestinians and settlers in Jerusalem, Palestinian factions have yet to step in and lead the popular uprising. by Adnan Abu[...]
Mamilla cemetery does not exist anymore. What exists now is a hotel, a school, a parking lot, a public garden, a nightclub and the US consulate. Also a museum to celebrate toleranc[...]
As the Palestinian leadership remains hesitant about what to do to address growing settler violence in the West Bank, Israel is seeking to create a separate Palestinian ‘state’ in [...]
If it had been Palestinians who killed three Israelis, we would be having a very different conversation about a ‘worrying escalation’ or ‘wave of violence’, Mairav Zonszein w[...]
Expecting Gaza not to resist is an invitation for Israel to complete its humiliation of the Palestinian people, to utilize the Strip for financial gains and to turn its men, women [...]
How human rights — generally conceived as a counter-hegemonic instrument for righting historical injustices — are being deployed to subjugate the weak and reinforce the[...]
By dreaming up an association between Hamas and Islamic State, Netanyahu hopes Israel will have it easy the next time it goes to war against Gaza[...]
The failure of the PA to seek the suspension of Israel from FIFA has nothing to do with Israel’s “international effort”. It was all about the spinelessness of the[...]