The discourse is clear - unemployment is the responsibility of the unemployed, who are lazy and irresponsible - and falls into the trap of classical economic liberalism[...]
The Ministry of Supplies may be involved in a new scandal on bread subsidies, a crucial sector for the country’s stability and among the most corrupted ones in the Egyptian economy[...]
Since Mohammed Morsi’s overthrow back in 2013, Egypt and Turkey have been pursuing opposite goals, both on the domestic and the regional domain. But today Ankara is trying a rappro[...]
As hopes for diplomatic settlements in both Syria and Libya fade, Cairo finds itself increasingly at odds with its Gulf allies, writes Ahmed Eleiba[...]
 An Egyptian/Russian role is emerging at the expense of the Saudi and Turkish roles and Egyptian/Syrian relations are gradually improving at the expense of Egyptian/Saudi relations[...]
The al Sisi regime has  failed to pave the way for an inclusive process of political accord that brings the country out of its difficulties; and the Brotherhood has not carried out[...]
You can call it a dictatorship, a despotism, a tyranny, a garrison state, unlimited rule, or even a reign of terror carried on by thugs in suits. All of these would be relatively a[...]
The crisis shows no signs of ending, and Egypt is no refuge. Europe must do more to take them in [...]
The killing of the 21 Copts draws attention to the fact that ISIS in Libya has become as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than ISIS in Iraq and Syria. In fact, it may be fair to s[...]
Four years ago, the Egyptian police were at the height of their power, manifested in teargas bombs, weapons, and an iron grip. Then they were overpowered by the people in less than[...]