Damascus believed that the Russian army could be used in the service of this aim, and only in its service. As the Opposition imagined that the U.S. army could assume the role of &#[...]
Latin American soldiers have been deployed in Yemen, after training by the US. The reasons behind are several: a distance-war without any danger for the US forces, weapons sale, th[...]
The visit of Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon this week to Washington and the upcoming visit there of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will both focus on Israeli demands for U[...]
A recent article has warned of the US losing the Middle East, reaffirming the embedded colonialism of Western analysis, writes Richard Falk by Richard Falk – Al Ahram Weekly [...]
Shelving cases will do everything to suggest that prosecutions are illusions at the international level. In the case of Palestine, US asserted that the Palestinian entity, seeing t[...]
Strong, democratic states are an antidote to ISIS-style extremism. As such, a strong Palestinian state is in the interests of Israel, the United States, and the entire Middle East.[...]
The US was arming forces who would, given the right moment, bite the hand that fed them. And now there’s no Islamic State solution without a Syrian solution.      b[...]
The ISIS-led insurgency currently gripping the western and northern regions of Iraq is but a continuation of the imperialist-sponsored insurgency in neighboring Syria. A fight betw[...]
If one evaluates the times vision for Palestinian unity, one is to discover that such ‘unity’ is mainly aimed at serving the joined interests of Israel and the United States.[...]
‘Peace talks? What peace talks,’ the Israeli prime minister jokes with supporters from his party by Noam Sheizaf – +972Mag Tel Aviv, 26 maggio 2014, Nena News - Israeli Prime[...]