A deep analysis of the roots of Islamic State, created and founded by Us, Arab regimes and Israel to counter the Iranian influence in the region and the tools that today it can use[...]
The events in Syria did not only change the demographics in the country, but also brought major changes to the economic map and the geographic distribution of different professions[...]
The US was arming forces who would, given the right moment, bite the hand that fed them. And now there’s no Islamic State solution without a Syrian solution.      b[...]
The Israeli aggression on Gaza might restore the broken ties between Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. All three, despite the objections from Damascus, sense an opportunity to seize the r[...]
The Scaremongering of John Kerry   by Rick Sterling* – Counterpunch  30 maggio 2014, Nena News – The Presidential Election in Syria takes place next Tuesday, June [...]
Syria’s al-Jazira region is today paying the hefty price of years of neglect. Residents and their resources are suffering due to the proliferation of al-Qaeda affiliated groups, wh[...]
                              by Seymour Hersh – London Review of Books In 2011 Barack Obama led an[...]
 With the failure of the Arab Spring revolutions, the moment may be ripe for an Iranian-led drive towards a Sunni/Shiite rapprochement, says Sami Kleib in Lebanese al-Akhbar by Sam[...]
In Ain al-Tineh, opposite the occupied town of Majdal Shams, Syrians are back to commemorating the time when the residents of the occupied Golan Heights refused to take up Israeli [...]
The battles between the Syrian army and armed extremist groups in Zara, surrounding the Krak des Chevaliers, are echoing throughout Wadi al-Nasara. Each day, the villages in the va[...]