Israeli students explain why they refuse to serve in the army and the main reason for this refusal is their opposition to the military occupation of Palestinian territories   [...]
Contending with a regime of work permits, limited rights and ethnic discriminations, this situation makes very difficult for workers to organize themselves in trade unions.[...]
In Israel, writes Yaron London, is okay to arrange a consumer boycott of a bank that undermines orthodox Jewish values or a factory that charges exorbitant prices. But it is forbi[...]
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In Ain al-Tineh, opposite the occupied town of Majdal Shams, Syrians are back to commemorating the time when the residents of the occupied Golan Heights refused to take up Israeli [...]
Un documentario australiano racconta le violazioni dei diritti dell’infanzia da parte dei soldati israeliani. Maltrattamenti “inaccettabili”, secondo il portavoce del ministero deg[...]